How mobile water solutions help Africa

mobile water solutionsmobile water solutions
mobile water solutionsmobile water solutions


How mobile water solutions help Africa

South Africa is officially a water scarce country. With both severe drought conditions in Cape Town and Durban, the country is suffering. Unfortunately, the basic human right of having fresh and clean drinking water is still considered a luxury. In fact, this is a problem throughout Africa. Somalia is suffering such severe drought conditions that fatalities have been reported. The devastation African people have to endure due to drought conditions is truly horrific.

Showering every day with clean water, putting the kettle on and brushing your teeth are activities you do constantly. Without water, those activities become impossible and if you use dirty water they become dangerous. Of course, the reasons for no clean water are numerous. Natural disasters and climate change, municipal problems as well as disease can be the reasons for the lack of clean drinking water. Also, a lack of infrastructure and the growing population make things extraordinarily challenging. And while water is becoming more and more scarce, infrastructure solutions continue to progress slowly and population growth is on the rise.

There are a variety of solutions available to assist with water scarcity but many of them cost a lot of money. However, portable water or mobile water solutions are a means to an end in some areas that require this precious resource the most.


Mobile water solutions help people tremendously

When drinkable water becomes scarce it causes widespread problems and many of the daily requirements people need to remain healthy, are affected. Natural and manmade disasters can cause havoc on the water supply in a particular area. This is when mobile water solutions can come in handy. Often times when disaster strikes, people get hurt and require medical treatment. If the water supply is negatively impacted it can hamper any medical care being given. If a portable solution is brought to site, clean water is available to those who need it the most.


Mobile water solutions are hardy vehicles

Most portable water is transported on a truck built specifically for this purpose. These trucks are able to carry enormous water containers and are often built to handle any terrain. This means these mobile water solutions can attend to any area, in any neighbourhood even in the most rural places. These solutions are an excellent short-term fix while permanent water sources are repaired, rebuilt or implemented.

Mobile water solutions are often used by heavy industries with projects on the outskirts of town in areas where clean drinking water is not readily available. They call in companies who offer this particular service to the industrial sector. PROXA Water’s mobile water services is one such company with a comprehensive list of industries which they service. Their vehicles can be used and stationed at any type of project.


Purification is much needed

Portable water solutions transport clean water to the site but many of them will also offer purification services. This is crucial when these vehicles are attending to an area struck by disaster, which still has water but it has been polluted. These vehicles have also been built for rapid deployment which means in an emergency you can expect a portable water truck to be available shortly and usually they can generate around 200 litres of water per hour.


Water crisis management requires a lot of attention. Globally we are running out of our water supply. In fact, if the world does make an effort to change how it uses and wastes water then by 2030 we could be faced with a water deficit of 40 percent. Mobile water solutions absolutely aid in assisting when devastation hits but more permanent and sustainable solutions must be developed.



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