Where to garden with artificial grass at home

artificial grassartificial grass
artificial grassartificial grass

Where to garden with artificial grass at home

Be it in a drought or not, running and maintaining a garden can be expensive and impractical under some circumstances. Getting your grass to grow is time-consuming on its own, and then having children or pets trample on it is not always the happiest of sights. In these moments, artificial grass is the answer.

The beauty of artificial grass is that it’s colourful, easy-to-maintain, affordable and practical for any space. Be it on your balcony or your backyard patio, there is no excuse not to invest in and make an effort to decorate your floor area with some greenery. Gone are the days when synthetic grass looked plastic and fake from the minute it caught your eye. Today, it looks professional, neat and stylish.

With so many different types of artificial grass to choose from, you can easily design and purchase the type of lawn you want your home to have. From entertaining guests to putting golf or picnicking with your kids outside, the options are endless when it comes to creating a multi-purpose versatile lawn. Here are a few ideas on where to incorporate artificial grass into your home for the best possible effect:


  • Create your own garden on your balcony

Living in an apartment already limits you from having that much-wanted garden space for your guests to unwind in, but if you do have a balcony, then it’s the ideal spot for some artificial lawn. Take away the dullness of concrete or tiles and add some colour to your outdoor space. Once you’ve inserted some fake lawn, you will be able to place your outdoor chairs, pot plants and decor strategically around the sides to let your lawn do the talking. This modern design will significantly transform the way your balcony looks.


  • Spruce up your outdoor patio

Whether you’ve got the luxury of a big outdoor space or simply a small garden courtyard, a fake lawn is an instant pick-me-up for these types of spaces. Beyond the fact that it looks and feels great under your feet, it’s easy-to-maintain for couples and families who spend little time at home and haven’t got the time to fuss over a garden. It’s also a value-adding aspect for any homeowner looking to sell their house, as this kind of detail can instantly make a home look more appealing to the eye and well looked after.  


  • Dress up your trees and flower beds

One of the most exciting things about artificial grass is that you can create the space you want. Dress up your trees by landscaping around them with pebbles and fake grass to avoid patchy, unhealthy grass. With constant exposure from the sun to your grass, it can affect the soil and prevent the grass from growing. And, with little access to water for recreational purposes, it’s sad to see your garden go from lavish to dull after all the effort and money you’ve put into it. This isn’t the case with artificial grass.

The same goes for your flower beds when you’re looking to add some life to your garden setting. If your backyard has little drainage facilities, fake grass will breathe new air into your setting and add that much-needed touch of happiness to your home. These small changes to help decorate your outdoor space will really give you something to be proud of when you’re entertaining guests.


  • Add some contrast to pavers and walkways

Add some colour to your entrance by inserting artificial grass in between your cement sidewalks. Not only does it look great but it actually benefits areas which have been attacked by weeds. Artificial grass also works well in outside areas under canopies because the sun won't cause your new lawn to fade. Plus, there will be no more money wasted in trying to make shaded grass areas grow.


  • Change up large entertainment areas

From the kiddies play area to the outdoor entertainment area, replace the sand and destroyed grass with artificial grass. This alone will encourage your children to play outside and enjoy their games without having to worry about them messing up your newly planted grass. The same goes for your pets. It will be much easier to clean up after them on this grass. Now you can forget about your dogs digging holes.


Final words

As mentioned, this safe and versatile lawn option allows you to do with it as you please. You never have to worry about watering your lawn or covering those unattractive holes and grass patches.

You will be able to maintain it without paying to get it mowed, buying fertiliser or install a sprinkler system to water it. You will also never have to worry about dangerous pests or diseases on your grass for your children since this is a safer, non-allergy material which is better for you and your family.  

If you’re not sure of how to lay the artificial grass yourself, hire a professional landscaper to ensure the job is done properly. This grass option will add some colour to your home space in just the right places.

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