Why you need to keep those temperatures down for better productivity in the office


Why you need to keep those temperatures down for better productivity in the office               

It’s hard to believe that shivering in a work environment is actually good for your productivity levels, however, the heat in the summer months has proven to be a challenge for many workers. Despite the uncomfortable feeling of warm weather that leaves you feeling sweaty and sticky, it slows down your energy levels and makes it hard for you to perform. If you want to create a hard-working environment for your employees, turn down the heat, Here are a few reasons why air conditioning in the office can help to improve productivity:


  • It creates a comfortable working environment

As briefly mentioned, warm weather can cause employees to slack in their performance because they feel tired, sluggish and frustrated. If the workplace temperature gets pushed down a notch, employees will start to get more oxygen to their brain, allowing them to be more focused. Not to mention, this type of reaction to heat can impair your judgement and influence your decision-making process.

The ideal office temperature is between 21 and 23 degrees, therefore if you keep your office at a stable temperature, you will be able to see a constant flow of productive, motivated and efficient employees. While some people may be freezing, others might be cool enough to concentrate. Try to keep your office at a constant temperature to keep everyone happy and working hard. If that means that some employees are too cold, they will need to bring their own jersey to keep themselves warm.


  • The workforce will be happier  

Many can agree that hot weather causes a lot of unhappiness, frustration and irritability in the workplace. Why? Because heat has a major effect on an employee’s mental state and how they respond to instructions in these moments. When employees are feeling this way, there is no doubt that they’ll start to feel highly strung and stressed out. It is essential to install an aircon system just to keep everyone smiling.


  • It controls the humidity in the room

Depending on the size of your office, it’s important to have a constant temperature in the room to maintain office morale. The spikes of hot and cold can also be dangerous for your health, as your body will have to keep adjusting. This will leave you sweating one day and sniffling another. Whether you have a portable aircon or an industrial, built-in aircon, it will ensure that your team is healthier and happier.


  • Keeps the environment clean and safe

Over the summer months, the air is packed with insects and mosquitos which could easily make their way into your office and distract your employees. For people who have allergies, this could concerning. It is also safer for security purposes. Depending on where you work, it might be a safety hazard to open the windows to get fresh air into your office. With an aircon, this is a safer way to operate and work in peace.


  • It will decrease health problems

You’ll be surprised at how many bacteria and germs float around in an office, and when the air is hot and everyone is stuck in a room together, you’re bound to get sick. The same goes for cold air. When you keep increasing and decreasing the temperature of the aircon, you may find that more employees will take days off ill because of the health implications caused by an uneven, unhealthy and unhygienic office space. At the end of the day, both influence the success of the company, so keep the temperature constant to prevent that.


  • Technological equipment will work better

Equipment functioning is influenced by the heat. If you’re working on a computer which kicks into overdrive, the added heat may cause your computer to bomb out. This has a negative effect on your business operations in terms of productivity and unnecessary expenses. If you have to use multiple fans to cool the room down, at least it will prevent your equipment from breaking down or overheating.


  • It will create a positive image for clients

Apart from your employees, your business needs to create a good image for your customers. One of the most off-putting things is attending a professional business meeting in a stuffy room. Again, not only does this affect your thinking and ability to make rational decisions, it is crucial for business productivity. If you want to show your clients why you’re great to work with, focus on the experience they receive.


Final words

There are so many factors that influence team productivity, and with aircon being a big one, it’s crucial that you maintain the aircon prevent any further issues from arising. Bigger aircons do not necessarily mean better performance, so it all comes down to your budget and what your business can afford. Whichever aircon you buy, make sure that it works properly, assists your employees and looks after your bottom line. Another tip is to find something that is energy efficient and better for the environment.