How to stay updated with the latest in agriculture



How to stay updated with the latest in agriculture

Being in the know of what’s “current” is not something any industry can afford to be behind on. And at the rate technology is advancing, especially in the agricultural industry, it’s in your best interest to know what’s up.


Media outlets

The quickest way to get an update on what’s new and happening in the world of South African agriculture is to subscribe to media outlets such as magazines, online magazines and blogs.

Some of the top agricultural publications out there include:

  • Farmer’s Weekly: Newsletter, physical magazine or a digital magazine edition. Farmer’s weekly covers agricultural news, business, livestock, crops, technology, basics and even lifestyle topics.
  • Harvest SA: With a focus on the latest agricultural research straight from the Agricultural Research Council, their content is created for active members of the agricultural industry and promote business growth for their readers.
  • AgriOrbit magazines: AgriOrbit is a product of the Plaas Media publishing company and has seven magazines under its name. These magazines include FarmBiz, AFMA Matrix, Oilseeds Focus, SA Stud Breeder, Stockfarm, Veeplaas and DiéRooiRas. Each publication focuses on a specialised sector of agriculture to provide specific and relevant news to its readers.  
  • Agripreneur SA: Information and growth opportunities is how Agripreneur SA promotes entrepreneurship of professionals in agriculture. They understand the power of being informed and, in turn, provide that knowledge and information to their readers.
  • AgriFood SA: All South African agricultural and food services should know about AgriFood SA. It's an advertising directory and information station for industry professionals and provides the latest in supplier and merchant news and offers.

Your best bet is to check the websites of these publications on a daily basis if possible. Having the latest edition and magazine in-hand will definitely be able to keep you informed. But, for the “as it happens” news and updates, you can easily get access to that information online.



Then you have certain events and tradeshows throughout the year where different business in the agricultural industry come together to market their latest product and service offerings. As a farmer you can choose to attend, exhibit or both. It's a great way to advertise and find new business, while seeing what other new trends are happening in the industry and what your competitors are up to.

Some of the best agricultural tradeshows and events to consider include:

  • NAMPO: There are hundreds of exhibitors who exhibit at the NAMPO Agricultural Tradeshow. 2017, for example, hosted more than 700 exhibitors and over 78000 visitors at the NAMPO park. Every department of agriculture and industry player can confidently attend this show and leave with new insight, assets, ideas and connections. There’s everything from farm machinery, chemicals, fertiliser and feed manufacturers to livestock breeders and financial institutions. You really won’t want to miss out, especially if you’re interested in the latest agri-machinery news.
  • Africa’s Big Seven: The Africa’s Big Seven Expo is a business-to-business tradeshow and place for farmers to showcase their produce. There will be opportunities to meet with potential buyers and business partners on a global scale. Their focus is on food, drinks and technological solutions with 79% of exhibitors being international participators. You’ll want to be a part of this tradeshow as a way of establishing your brand and building connections that will grow your farming business.   
  • Agri Mega Week: This year, the Agri Mega Week will feature grain, dairy, citrus, wool, transport, tourism, safety as well as construction and more. All, obviously, related to the agricultural industry and therefore relevant to you as an agricultural professional. On top of the exhibition and demonstrations, they will also be shedding some light on the current water crisis, political changes and sustainability with technology through workshops, debates and informative sessions.
  • Agriworks Agricultural Expo: Agriworks happens in three areas of the country (Potchefstroom in the North West, Sunland Addo in the Eastern Cape and Stellenbosch in the Western Cape), allowing for farmers and agricultural businesses all over to enjoy the exhibition. This show is all about informing visitors of the latest in agriculture and farming supplies with suppliers as the main exhibitors and farmers and buyers as the main visitors.  


Why it’s important to stay updated

It’s not only about being in the know and having the insight to make smart farming and business decisions. It’s not about being left in the dark while competitive farms grow and find success.

It’s important to stay updated and involved in what is happening in the agricultural industry so that you can build connections and be a part of the South African agricultural community. It’s about coming together to collaborate, innovate and discuss new solutions to current and future problems.

Knowing what you can do or use differently will also benefit your agricultural practices and keep you relevant in a constantly changing society. Trends don’t last forever or stay the same for very long, for that matter. But you and your business can. By simply staying up to date.