How to make your construction company more eco-friendly



How to make your construction company more eco-friendly

Construction companies have an impact on the environment, even if we do not realise it. You are using natural resources in some processes, which can be damaging to water, soil and air. It is important that you look for machinery that is eco-friendly, such as that offered by Terex South Africa, and implement processes that are ‘green’ and sustainable. Outlined below are some ways to make your construction company more eco-friendly, without breaking your budget.


Use sustainable materials

This is an effective way to become more eco-friendly in your construction company. You will need to be certain that all the materials that you use in your building processes are sustainable. It might sound difficult but with the new wave of ‘green construction’ gaining popularity, these materials are readily available.

You can look into materials such as hempcrete (concrete made from hemp), bamboo, recycled plastic and mycelium (material made from the root structure of fungi and mushrooms). These natural materials will ensure that every building or house that you construct are as eco-friendly as possible. Be sure that everything you source is from a reputable company which has the same green goals in mind as you do.


Keep water in mind

Construction sites can sometimes use a large amount of water, from mixing cement to washing the Terex dump trucks used onsite. One important way to become more eco-friendly is to try to conserve water as much as possible.

The strategies for conserving water are often simple, such as using a rainwater catchment tank to collect water for things like landscape irrigation or cement mixing. You could collect condensation from an HVAC unit on the site or reuse the water that has been used to clean equipment to put in mortar mixtures. Water conservation is of vital importance to every industry, and should be at the top of your list when it comes to green construction practices.


Use high-efficiency hardware

When you bring in generators to run your power tools, be sure to look for ones with the highest energy efficiency possible. The lighting on your site should be high-power LEDs and not high-wattage traditional lights, in order to save more energy.

You could also invest in solar panels to power your equipment when working during hotter months, and always remember to turn lights and equipment off when you are not on the site or when they are not in use. High-efficiency hardware allows you to reduce your impact on the environment and save money by using less electricity than conventional hardware.


Think local

Sourcing local materials ties in with looking for sustainable items that will reduce carbon footprints and are environmentally-friendly. You will find that local vendors are more affordable and might have more options for you to choose from when it comes to products.

Buying materials locally versus having them shipped or driven to you over long distances will also increase the efficiency of your operation and can even help the economy of your area. It is easier to request specially-made items and bespoke pieces for your construction site from local vendors too, as you will not have to wait for them to be shipped from a far distance, only to arrive too late for your project.


Recycling matters

Instead of immediately dumping all materials from a construction site into a landfill, you should rather look at how you can recycle materials that were not used or not fully used in your project. Materials such as carpets, wooden planks, tiles and wall paint can be reused or even donated to a charity organisation.

Recycling will help to reduce your impact on the environment. You could crush wood and drywall to create new aggregate materials for future construction projects, which is not only ‘green’ but it also an effective money-saving option. Encourage your staff who might eat lunch on or near the site to bring lunch from home in reusable containers to produce less waste or have a recycling bin on-site they can throw their waste into.


Make positive changes

A construction site foreman has to carry with them a great amount of paperwork and plans. This means that they often have large files of paper on them, which can be bulky to carry and is also damaging to the environment.

Rather than carrying around a large file, rather change over to using a tablet to store all the information needed for the building site. This is also efficient as you will be able to make instant changes to any notes regarding the design and access client emails quickly and easily.

Introducing eco-friendly methods to your construction site will help to reduce your impact on the environment and will also save you time and money on your projects. Use sustainable materials, always keep water in mind and source goods from local vendors in an effort to create a ‘greener’ construction company.