Simple ways to go green with your vehicle

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Simple ways to go green with your vehicle

The term ‘going green’ has long been a trendy phrase in various industries. We make use of sustainable goods in our daily lives, so it’s time we start applying the same train of thought to our used cars. It’s not only for the good of the environment but also to our health and the people around us.  

Forget the fad and make an effort to change the way you drive and maintain your vehicle (especially if you’re looking to sell your vehicle through one of the many used car dealerships in South Africa). Thankfully, more people have started to cycle to work or take public transport which has significantly helped to reduce the number of cars on the road as well as the total car carbon footprint emitted into the environment.

While most of the environmental factors are beyond our personal control, your driving habits can negatively impact the environment. Here are a few tips to consider when going ‘green’ with your vehicle:


  • Commit to the regular servicing

While regular servicing can be unnecessary, it is critical to do a service check from time to time. Especially when you start to notice strange sounds or odd behaviour with your vehicle. For one, it makes your vehicle more efficient in terms of fuel efficiency, and two, it improves the long-term performance of your vehicle. When the engine isn’t operating correctly, it will lead to increased damage on the vehicle itself as well as more pollution in the air. The key aim is to provide an economical solution, so do not decline a service because of financial reasons. This will end up costing you more in the long-term. And, eventually, it will start to affect even more than one area of your car. Should you need to replace your air filters, oil filters, tyres and more, make sure that you dispose of these materials correctly. These materials are not biodegradable, therefore any waste needs to be disposed of in an ethical manner.


  • Initiate carpooling to work or college

Many people don’t necessarily enjoy travelling alone and sitting through traffic on a daily basis, so carpooling is a travel option that can save you plenty of money and time. It can also positively impact the environment because there will be fewer vehicles on the road, and it will help to prolong your car’s services and maintenance. If you are a social person, this would be an exciting adventure for you as you will be able to meet some new friends and network with people you work with or attend college with. Think about the financial benefits you could achieve while reducing the gas emitted into the air.


  • Make use of GPS

When you are travelling to new and uncertain areas, make use of GPS technology. Whether it’s on your mobile device or in a gadget form, using a GPS will ensure that you take the shortest routes possible, and it helps you to avoid spending too much time ‘lost’ in an area that is unfamiliar. For one, it’ll ensure safety and two, it will reduce your petrol consumption. Avoid traffic jams and lengthy detours from the get-go.


  • Use your air-conditioning sparingly

During the summer months, it’s important to monitor your air conditioning consumption and use it sparingly. Excessive use of air conditioning will slow down the performance of your vehicle as well as consume a large amount of fuel which is unnecessary when you could simply open the window. While it might be blistering hot, try to think of the environmental effects you’re contributing to when you decide to turn your aircon on. When your air con is not working properly, you’ll notice how much more taxing it can be on your vehicle. Do a service check before you use it to ensure it’s working properly.


  • Dispose of trash items in a bag

Often times, people will be driving long distances and feel the need to casually throw their cold drink tin or chips packet out of the window and onto the road. If everyone stopped doing that and rather kept a trash bag in their car for the disposal of goods, the environment would benefit from the cleanliness as well as human and animal health. Do not throw anything out of the window when driving.


Final words

There are many ways you can go green and make a difference without having to sell your car and look at economically-friendly options for your lifestyle. If everyone changed their driving habits for the better, together we would be able to positively impact the environment. This type of approach will also benefit individuals looking for used cars available in South Africa, as the vehicle options will be of better quality.

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