Why there needs to be a carpool service at work and how to get it going

carpool servicecarpool service
carpool servicecarpool service


Why there needs to be a carpool service at work and how to get it going

Carpooling is becoming ever so popular in South Africa and around the world. With the state of the environment and the cost of living, people are looking for solutions to all the world’s problems. And carpooling is one of those solutions.

In a company where there is a group of people from the same area or even one other person from the same living area as another, the option to carpool should be encouraged. Not only by the people involved but by the company as well. It won’t require too much for a company to organise a company carpool.

Carpooling can even benefit people who live and work in the same area but for different companies. If you’re both travelling long distances to get to the same general area, you might as well be driving in together. But this would likely be a personal carpool service arrangement as opposed to a company one.


Save the environment

The first reason why there needs to be a carpool service at work is that it will be saving the environment. It’s impossible to ignore the fact that your car emissions are harmful to the environment, especially with the release of electric cars.

On average, a car can emit its own weight in carbon dioxide into the air over the space of a year. If you start carpooling with three other people, your drastically reducing that amount by about 4 770kg (averaging at 1 590kg for a midsize vehicle).

When it comes to reducing our carbon footprint, every little bit that we do makes a significant difference. And, with carpooling, you’re dragging more people along with you which means they’re reducing their carbon emissions too.  


Save money on fuel

If you’re living in South Africa, you don't need another reminder about the increasing fuel price. It’s inescapable and breaking budgets all across the country. Inflation has left many families in difficult positions.

Carpool is a solution to this problem as well. Sharing fuel costs with someone else or, preferably, a group of people, means you can all save money on your monthly travel spend. Everyone pitches in for petrol for the trip to and from work, and you don’t have to worry about filling your car’s fuel tank as often as before.

Now, who’s really going to say no to saving money when everything is so expensive these days?


Traffic time is more productive   

When you’re carpooling with people from work (or people in general), your time spent in traffic can be more productive. This can be an opportunity to brainstorm, team build and “talk work” before you get into the office.

It’s no longer a case of you sitting alone in your car, listening to the radio and being frustrated with the lack of movement from one section of the highway to another. You have someone to socialise with and build a relationship with. Being able to communicate with people who work with you will also improve office interactions an encourage constructive conversation.


No parking problems

Three fewer cars on the road mean there are three more available parking spots to accommodate you when you get to work. Not to mention, three fewer cars to cause traffic congestion. Yes, that doesn’t seem like too much of a difference, but the more people to get onboard with carpooling, the more those three cars are multiplied and the roads freed up.


How to get it going

You have every reason why work carpooling should have started yesteryear, but how do you get it going?

  • Find people who are interested: An easy way to go about finding people for carpool is to send out an email with your idea to start a one from your area. Then the people who are interested will contact you. You take any further steps unless people are interested, that’s kind of the whole point of a carpool.
  • Find the right vehicle: The next step is to find the right vehicle that can accommodate everyone interested, and be light on fuel. There are so many used car dealerships where you can find big and small used cars in South Africa that will be perfect for carpool. And it’s not to say that you have to permanently trade in your vehicle for a used car, but your company would need to see the effects of carpooling first before you can appeal to them to offer the service.
  • Choose a designated driver: The next step will be to choose a designated driver or decide among yourselves how it would work to alternate on a weekly or monthly basis. Along with that, you will need to set a schedule for pick times and locations that everyone can follow and stick to.

Do yourself, your bank account and your environment a favour and try carpooling for at least a month. You won't ever want to go back to driving alone to and from work after that.

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