How hotels can be more environmentally-friendly

environmentally-friendly hotelsenvironmentally-friendly hotels
environmentally-friendly hotelsenvironmentally-friendly hotels


How hotels can be more environmentally-friendly

Running a hotel is a stressful business. You have to consider the needs of the guests at all times, ensure that your staff is happy and keep the hotel running smoothly at all times. You also have to think about how your hotel affects the environment, especially in times of drought and in the less-rainy months.

Being a “green” hotel means that you take your impact on the environment seriously and aim to integrate green practises into the daily running of your establishment. This could be anything from contacting PROXA South Africa to create a wastewater management programme for your hotel to installing sensored equipment that helps to save water. Below are some of the ways in which hotels can be more environmentally-friendly.


Educate your employees

One of the best ways to implement green practises is to educate your employees first. You will need to teach them about why you are wanting to become environmentally-friendly and what their role in this will be. You will also need to educate them on what it means to be a sustainable business.

You could put together a team of employees to oversee your staff and to ensure that they uphold your new green values. Before you put any plan into action, you will need to be sure that your employees understand what you will be doing. So, spend time putting together a plan or presentation which explains this.


Get an audit to find out where to start

Once you have educated your employees on your plan of action, your next step should be getting an audit done to see where you should start. The audit should look at how much water and electricity you use on a daily basis, where these resources are being used the most and how they are being used.

An audit will show you how energy-efficient your hotel truly is, as well as how much water you are using. Once you have these numbers, you will be able to put together a plan to decrease your usage. You should ask a professional electrician and plumber for ideas, as they will be able to give you some tips on how best to save water and electricity without breaking the bank.


Recycle waste and save money

A major step to take in becoming more environmentally-friendly is to ensure that your hotel recycles. This means that you will need to equip rooms with waste baskets specifically for recycling, as well as implement plans in the kitchen to recycle food waste in a responsible and creative manner.

Recycling can also help you to save money. You will be able to reuse certain products, within reason, saving you from having to buy new ones. For example, your kitchen can use coffee grounds as compost for their vegetable garden and reuse the dishwashing water to water the plants. You can ask guests to place their disposable cups and cutlery into specific bins so that you can send the recycling off, and you can invest in a café press in the rooms rather than offering coffee pods, to save on waste creation.


Monitor water consumption

PROXA Water in South Africa offers total water management programmes, which you can make use of. If you would like to start small, however, you can look into installing low flush toilets, low-flow showerheads, and sink aerators.

Low flush toilets help to limit the volume of water used with every flush, helping you to save a significant amount. Low-flow showerheads lower the water pressure of the showerhead, which can help you to save up to 55 percent of your current water usage. Monitoring your water consumption will help you to become more environmentally-friendly it will also help you to save on your water bills.


Support local businesses

If you have a restaurant on the grounds of your hotel, you should invest in building a relationship with local suppliers. Ask local farmers to supply you with produce, or request that your chefs shop at the farmer’s market to find ingredients. Your food will taste delicious and it will be more affordable in the long run.

If you want to restock the hotel’s linen closet, you should ask local vendors for custom-made linens. This way, you will stand out from the crowd and you will be supporting a local business. Custom-made linen will also cost you less in the long run, as it will be made from quality fabric which does not need to be replaced as often.


Encourage guests to take part

A highly effective way to maintain your environmentally-friendly efforts is to encourage your guests to take part. Put up signs around your hotel stating that you are making efforts to be more environmentally friendly, and ask them to recycle their waste and monitor their water usage. You will find that many people enjoy helping the environment and will be more than willing to help your efforts. A green hotel is one more step towards a greener future.

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