4 business benefits of smart irrigation practices

irrigation practicesirrigation practices
irrigation practicesirrigation practices


4 business benefits of smart irrigation practices

Whether you’re using irrigation for domestic or commercial use, technology has significantly changed the way people look after the environment. Smart irrigation systems are a good example of that, as it refers to weather-based or time-based watering where you’re able to create a strategic watering schedule. Such practices can save you money and time watering your crops and pasture, landscaping or sports grounds.

Many consumers and businesses have experienced the scarcity of water available in South Africa, and they have realised that they need to maximise technology and innovation to help them conserve natural resources for the benefit of our future. Businesses which have shown that they have gone above and beyond to find smart ways to automate their activities, while making a conscious decision to save the planet, are the ones which are going to reap plenty of rewards in the future. Not only are these businesses improving their watering efforts at large but they are also minimising on business costs in the process.

Here are a few of the benefits of smart irrigation practices you should explore:


Save time through automation

When you are watering large areas, it’s impractical to think that you can water each section by watering can or even with a hosepipe. By implementing a smart irrigation system, you will be able to automate tasks. Set a timer and adjust your watering times according to your needs. You can analyse what needs to be watered and see what is best for those plants or crops. During this process, take into consideration the climate conditions and environmental factors as each section will require different watering needs.


Conserve water for the environment

Businesses are taking bigger steps towards minimising their municipal water consumption and exploring other cost-effective options that can help save them money and effectively increase their water availability. This means that businesses which rely heavily on water to run their businesses do not have to experience profit drops due to an ongoing drought. Take a water filtration system, for instance, you can filter out grey water via your own water purification process and use it for irrigation purposes. You can also go a step further and create your own wastewater treatment plant. This is a feasible way to save money in the long-term and a good way to look after the environment. If you don’t want to set up your own treatment area, you can support an existing water purification plant by purchasing desalinated or wastewater for your business operations. Either of these processes is a positive step towards change. And making use of the latest technological innovations to assist in watering your gardens or farmlands will significantly reduce your business’ wastage of municipal water.


Save money on unnecessary water costs

Smart irrigation ensures that you only use as much as you programme your system to use. From landscape or plant needs to climate and weather conditions, these systems give farmers or workers the advantage of only watering your land when required, and according to a specific time frame. Based on the results of your irrigation process, you will be able to monitor areas which require more or less water to be able to prevent those plants from dying. If you do, however, experience too much water in areas, you will be able to consider building drainage infrastructure to allow an opportunity for runoff. This can also reduce erosion as your plants will constantly be watered without you having to do the task physically.


Keep your plants healthy for longer

In order to have a successful harvest, you need to keep your plants healthy. Watering them the correct amount will help them to grow faster and over a longer period of time. This means that you will have less plant wastage or soil damage because of overwatering. Now your landscapes and farmlands can be greener and healthier without you having to waste time watering by hand or having to worry about your workers not attending to your plants or crops at the right time. Everything is automated for your benefit.


Final thoughts

Making use of a smart irrigation system offers plenty of benefits to your business. It’s a profitable way to increase your access to potable water and save money while you’re at it. While there is no guarantee that you can save on every drop of your irrigation process, you certainly will be able to reduce water consumption and improve plant life while experiencing less pollution that could, potentially, affect your landscape environment. This type of process is visually appealing as it looks neat and is cleaner on the environment. And you will be able to maintain the state of your plants and crops for a long period of time.

irrigation practices