Moving office? Top tips for an eco-friendly move

eco-friendly moveeco-friendly move
eco-friendly moveeco-friendly move


Moving office? Top tips for an eco-friendly move

Moving office can be a stressful time. You have to ensure that everything goes smoothly, that no pieces of equipment are left behind and that it is arranged correctly at your new office. You might not have the environment on your mind when moving office, but it is important to consider how you can make your move more eco-friendly.

If your new office block is near a water purification plant or uses water from one, you are already one step closer to a “green” office. For those who are not sure how they can make their move more eco-friendly, below are some top tips you can follow.


Use boxes and containers you already have

When moving office, you will likely be tempted to buy cardboard boxes and containers for your equipment, files and miscellaneous items. However, you should rather use the boxes and containers that you already have in the office to make the move more eco-friendly as well as cost-effective.

You can use the packaging from computer screens to move them, as well as old and unused cardboard filing boxes to move wires and other equipment.  Ask employees to bring in material shopping bags to move the accessories and contents of their desks, and use the boxes of the kitchen equipment to pack and move them in. Not only will you be helping to save the environment, you will be saving money as well. Ensure that the boxes are still sturdy and not torn or damaged.


Use green cleaning products

When you move home, there is an inevitable period of cleaning both your old and new home. The same can be said when you move office space. You will need to clean your old office so that any new tenants will have a fresh and clean space, and you will need to clean your new office before you move your equipment in.

You might be tempted to buy harsh chemicals to give a deep clean, but you should rather opt for green cleaning products. These products are biodegradable, non-toxic and made from natural materials that are renewable. Look for floor cleaners that are made with natural products or you could ask your cleaners to make their own by mixing together warm water with vinegar, bicarbonate of soda and essential oils.


Reuse and recycle

Having an office near a water purification plant, or using water from one, will teach you the value of reusing and recycling. Your office could put the moving boxes to good use by storing equipment for later use and recycle damaged boxes by placing them in local recycling bins.

If you have furniture from your old office, instead of discarding it, use it in your new one. You can repaint desks and dividers with eco-friendly paint to match the colour and decor of your new office. Ask your employees to follow the same mindset and recycle their cardboard boxes that were used during the move. By reusing and recycling, your office move will have less of an impact on the environment. Be sure to recycle e-waste properly by placing it in the right bins found at various shopping centres.


Buy energy efficient products

Your new office most likely already has lightbulbs installed, but you have no way of knowing that they are energy efficient. The best way to solve this is to buy your own energy efficient products and install them once you have moved in. It might sound costly at first but it will save you in the long run.

Energy efficient light bulbs not only use less electricity but they are cheaper when it comes to bills. Look for both warm white and daylight options and place them in the correct rooms. Warm white is better in boardrooms to create a welcoming atmosphere whereas daylight bulbs are better suited to the general office area so your employees can see clearly what they are doing. You should also opt for “green” kitchen equipment such as kettles that use less electricity and a gas stove for staff to cook their lunches on.


Be water-wise

You might not think about it, but moving into a new office requires you to use water. This can be for cleaning, flushing toilets and even for drinking. You could make your move, and your new office building, water-wise by asking your municipality if you can receive your water from a nearby water purification plant.

Or you could look into a water purification process for the water you use for cleaning so you can reuse it on your office garden. Be sure that the moving company you hire is eco-friendly and do not wash their vehicles regularly in order to save water. Ask your cleaners to use minimal water when mopping and cleaning both your old and new office, and install aerators on bathroom taps so that less water is used when your employees wash their hands. 

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