Upgrade your garden with a timber pergola

timber pergolatimber pergola
timber pergolatimber pergola


Upgrade your garden with a timber pergola

A pergola is a stunning addition to any garden. It can help to create the right atmosphere for a garden party and can provide extra shelter on those hot days when you want to be out in the garden without worrying about the weather. You can use a pergola on wooden decking and decorate it with stunning trellises for added elegance. And if you want that rustic charm, use sleepers as benches to sit on while enjoying your stunning garden.

A pergola can be made of timber poles or from thinner timber for a different look. These unique structures can be left rustic and simple or you can decorate them with climbing vines on a garden trellis. These will make it feel more intimate and special when you are using it in the evening. Or you could drape canvas sheets from the roof and use these to close the structure up during inclement weather. If you want to install a wooden pergola in your garden, keep reading for tips on how to make it extra special.


Choose the right flooring

The flooring of your pergola is important, as this is where you will be placing furniture and other items, such as pot plants or even a braai stand. Be sure to use a sturdy timber product for the floor if you will be using wood, and treat it so it will not become damaged.

One simple way to choose the right flooring is to look at the flooring adjacent to or leading out to where your pergola will be. If it is a dark tiled living room, choose a dark wood for the structure to ensure a seamless transition. For a light floor, such as white tile or a beige carpet, you should use a lighter wood. Be sure to varnish all wooden floors so that they catch the light and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.


Make it dual-purpose

A pergola does not only have to be a pretty addition to your yard. You can use it as a vertical garden with vines of vegetables such as tomatoes and peas. These climbing plants not only look stunning, but they also allow you to have ready-to-eat vegetables whenever you need them. You will be helping the environment while also making your yard look chic and lush.

If your yard is too small for vegetable gardens, then you can use a pergola instead. Be sure to keep your plants trimmed and not too overgrown, as this could cause damage to the structure. For fruit fans, you could weave grape vines around the sides and roof of the structure for a Tuscan flair, making your garden feel exotic and like a true oasis.


Light it up

An effective way to style your pergola is to use solar-powered fairy lights threaded between the roof slats and around the side poles. This will provide romantic and atmospheric lighting, making it the perfect place to unwind in after a hard day at work or out running errands. Using solar powered lights also limits your need for electricity.

For an added element of fun and elegance, you can invest in some battery-operated paper lanterns and string them from the roof. Warm white light works best for a romantic feeling, but bright white lighting can be beautiful when paired with wood that has been painted white. You can also use candles dotted along the railings (if you have opted for these) to bring in a touch of warmth and welcome to your outdoor area.


Fit in the right furniture

Choosing the right furniture to go into your pergola can make or break the space. For example, if you have a sleek and modern pergola with dark glossy wood and floors, then adding in a rustic, woven bench and table will look out of place. Similarly, if you have a natural and rustic pergola, a chic and modern set of loungers would not suit it.

Be sure to choose furniture that not only fits in with the aesthetic of your pergola but that is also sturdy and made for outdoor use. If you are going to be painting the wooden furniture yourself, be sure to treat it for the elements. Metal furniture should be covered if not in use in order to avoid moisture as it can become rusted or mouldy if not protected. Outdoor furniture is the perfect way to transform your pergola form a simple space to an outdoor room.


Style it to suit you

The number one tip to keep in mind when designing your pergola is to style it to suit you and your needs. Once you have chosen the right flooring you can move on to installing trellises for climbing vegetables or flowers. You can install fairy lights for added whimsy and lighting for garden parties, and make sure that you choose furniture that fits with your aesthetic.

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