How to use mini garden bridges to style your yard

mini garden bridgesmini garden bridges
mini garden bridgesmini garden bridges


How to use mini garden bridges to style your yard

Styling your garden can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are not sure where to start. For example, you might have a small pond the corner of your yard that is looking a little lacklustre, and for this, you could use a small timber bridge to decorate it and to walk over when moving from one area to another in your yard. You can surround this bridge with small water features for added charm or look for a timber garden bridge that has clean lines for a more modern garden.

If you are looking into garden bridges for your garden, you can style them in unique and fun ways. If you have a small stream running through your garden, you can create a stunning scene by choosing from garden bridges for large gardens and decorating it with vines, fairy lights and flowers. You could also choose from garden bridges for small gardens if you have limited space but would like to bring in visual interest. Below is some handy advice on how to use mini bridges to style your yard.


Create separate areas

A wooden garden bridge can be used effectively to create separate spaces in your yard, especially if it is used to cross over a stream or a pond. This can be especially effective in smaller gardens, as it will create the illusion of space by segmenting your yard into two different spaces.

Your mini arched bridge can lead from your patio to a garden seating area with stunning garden furniture. Or it could lead from your back door to your braai area. By separating the garden into different areas, you will have more space to play with when it comes to garden decor and you can be more creative with different elements. Be sure to choose a bridge that suits your aesthetic and that can seamlessly transport you from one area to another.


Theme your garden

If your backyard is looking a little neglected or haphazard, you can use a garden bridge to theme your garden and pull it all together. For example, you could look for an arched bridge to create a Japanese-inspired garden, planting chrysanthemums and wisteria alongside it for an authentic feel.

You could opt for a simple, modern bridge and create a minimalist Zen garden with simple flower bed arrangements in ombre colours. If you are interested in rustic design, opt for a wooden bridge that you can sand and finish to make it look as though it has been standing in your yard for generations. Theming your garden can make it look pulled together and finished without too much effort.


Find your focal point

A garden without a focal point can sometimes look a little visually confusing, especially if it is a large garden. Using a bridge in your garden can help you to find a focal point for the eye to be drawn to. This will make your garden look manicured and polished while still allowing you to be creative in your yard.

You could install a wooden bridge and paint it in a bright, cheery colour to draw the eye towards it or you could paint it in the same colour as one of the flowers in your garden. For example, if you have purple hydrangeas you can paint the railings of your bridge a light lavender or a deep plum. Or you could weave solar-powered fairy lights through the railings for more atmosphere during the evening.


Add dimension to your garden

Some gardens need visual interest to make them feel larger and more nuanced, especially if your garden is small. A wooden bridge, whether it is miniature or large, can help to bring another dimension into your yard. This will add height and visual depth, drawing the eye in and helping to make it feel less flat or one dimensional.

You can also bring in a water feature or two to place near your bridge, such as at the mouth of the stream or side of the pond in your garden. This will bring in different levels for the eye to look at and can also make a smaller garden look larger. If this is the effect you are looking for in your garden, be sure to choose an arched bridge to bring in height rather than a flat bridge which could make the area look one dimensional and unexciting.


Bridge the gap

Having a bridge in your garden might not be the first idea you have when it comes to decorating your garden, but it can work wonders in transforming your yard. You can use a mini bridge to create separate areas in a small garden. Or you could theme your garden based on the bridge, making for easy decor options. Whatever you choose, be sure that the bridge is treated to withstand the weather and the elements.

mini garden bridges