How to build a green garden ladder

green garden laddergreen garden ladder
green garden laddergreen garden ladder


How to build a green garden ladder

Building a green garden might be an exciting and yet daunting task. Kids love playing in open areas and getting down and dirty. What a great way to make building a garden ladder fun and a family bonding project!

Having a green garden has its benefits in our ecosystem and also has its perks. There are many things to decorate your wooden trellises with. Not only are you making the planet more green but making your garden beautiful too.


Choose your trellis

This might seem a bit obvious but choosing your preferred trellis is your first step. If you are looking to have a more flowery and tasteful garden ladder you could reuse your old step ladder and turn in into a stunningly decorated flower garden. Another option would be to use a wooden trellis. This is perfect if you are looking to use it for growing fresh vegetables in your backyard.


Think about the type of layout you want

Wooden trellises come in different types. Vertical trellises are perfect for growing vegetables and other hanging plants. Vertical trellises stand upright, and because of this, they are usually anchored to avoid them falling or blowing over on a windy day.

Flat based trellises are used on decks and on surfaces that usually have poor soil. Flat trellises are made out of vinyl or wood, and metalwork that comes in square, rectangular, or triangular panels, and are ideal for heavy vines such as roses.

If you want your green garden ladder to have less visibility, you will want a trellis with smaller holes. And similarly, if you want a more sturdy and heavy duty garden ladder you will have to choose one with bigger holes. Regardless of which you choose, both are a great choice for modern gardening.


Things to grow on a green garden ladder

There are a variety of plants that you can grow on a trellis. This could be vegetables to beautiful flowers. There are, however, plants who will not be able to thrive on a wooden trellis so ensure that you do your research before you start on your project. Here is a list of all the plants you can grow on your garden ladder with ease:

  • Greens
  • Cucumbers
  • Melons
  • Tomatoes
  • Peas  

And if you want a more flowery garden ladder, plant the following and watch them blossom:

  • Roses
  • Nasturtium
  • Jasmine
  • Sweet pea
  • Wisteria

Most of the plants have a distinctively sweet and unique scent. So, if you are a person who enjoys morning coffees in the garden and a sucker for anything that smells good, the above-mentioned plants will be a perfect choice for you.

If you want to use grow heavy fruits and vegetables, using a more sturdy trellis is ideal. The fruits and vegetables will hang low and that will have significant weight pulled from the trellis itself. You will also want to make strings out of old and unused pantyhose or something with a stretchable fabric to tie on the ladder to support the plants.


Fun ideas

Once you have decided on what type of trellis you want, the next step is finding a perfect spot for your beautiful creation. You could line the fence of your home with vertical trellises. Imagine the plants blooming in spring!

Be sure to anchor your vertical trellises. This will prevent them from blowing over on a windy day or falling over from the hanging plants. You could do this by using sturdy wooden poles and wire to ensure that they are in place.

If you have a small garden that lacks dimension you could use the garden ladder as a focal point in your garden. It would make a perfect centrepiece that would draw attention to the middle of your garden. The perfect trellis for this would be an arched trellis but also ensure that the structure can withstand windy and rough weather.


Develop a theme

Trying to execute something without a plan in mind could turn bad really quickly. Having a theme in mind will help a great deal in identifying what you want your garden ladder to look like, and it will allow you to measure and plan every square inch of your garden to help master your layout and creation.

For example, if you are looking into growing a flower garden, a colour scheme would help you narrow down your options. Developing a theme for your garden is essential because it also allows you to focus on aspects that fit into your set theme. The colours you want to use, textures you want to include and little add ons you might think of along the way.

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