Tips for lowering your water footprint with mobile water systems

mobile water systemsmobile water systems
mobile water systemsmobile water systems


Tips for lowering your water footprint with mobile water systems

Water is one of the most fundamental aspects of life, and yet many people still go without potable drinking water. With the rise of water shortages in drought-stricken regions, we need to preserve water now more than ever. Unfortunately, clean water is not a luxury, and this is why we need to emphasise the importance of having a sustainable water footprint.

With the rapid advances in technology, we are now able to recycle water through various mobile water systems. With portable water treatment solutions, disadvantaged communities can now have access to clean water. There are many advantages of having portable water treatment units and to highlight them, we have compiled a list below:


What are mobile water systems

Put simply; a mobile water system is a water purification method used to recycle useable water into clean drinkable water. Because they are portable, the units can easily be moved to different locations. Portable water systems have the capacity to provide clean water to large industrial-sized businesses but can also supply municipalities and residential areas.

If you are a business owner who is looking to reduce your carbon footprint, investing in an efficient portable water system will save you a lot of money.

Types of sources that can be purified are:

  • Rivers, dams and lake water
  • Municipal water
  • Wastewater
  • Borehole water
  • Seawater


Benefits of portable water systems


Provide aid in the event of emergencies

Usually, when a natural disaster hits, basic resources such as clean drinking water is often needed as the water supply is obstructed. In these situations, it is useful to have mobile water systems that can purify water from streams and rivers for nearby communities.

Clean water is a key benefit that comes out of using these high tech water treatment solutions. And it is the only hope for people who live in drought-stricken regions.


Flexible dimensions and mobility

An advantage to investing in portable water is that the units can be customised to suit your preferred dimensions. If you own a large scale company, an industrial-sized unit will cater to your needs. This will differ from a person who owns a medium-sized business.

As a business owner, the mobility of a water treatment system is vital. Power plants are industrial-sized and stretch across multiple acres of land. It is therefore important that your building equipment has the mobility to manoeuvre throughout large areas.


Hiring a water system

In many occasions, companies will have to to hire out a portable water treatment unit for short, intermediate and long term use. Identify how long your project will take and decide based upon the duration.

Many portable water systems are used during the beginning stages when building a power plant. When a power plant is built, the need for purified water increases. And when the water is being purified, you need also have to invest in boiler cleans and pipework flushes.

Before you decide to invest in a portable water treatment unit, make sure that you know which option will be worthwhile for your large scale business. In South Africa, there are many companies which provide portable water treatment solutions. If you are looking into getting a mobile water system, simply research a water solution company near you.

When thinking about a portable water purification system, many business owners might imagine a big noisy machine, but on the contrary, it is the opposite. Portable systems are quite aesthetically pleasing, and they require minimal maintenance.


Final thoughts

Business owners should strive to head their operations in a sustainable and eco-friendly way. Part of leading an eco-friendly operation and sustaining our resources is to recycle where we can and steer away from waste as much as possible. Sadly, many regions are drought-stricken, and portable water treatment systems can help a great deal.

If you are a business owner who would like to help these disadvantaged communities, setting up a mobile water system in a region would help many families. This could be part of your sustainability efforts, and this can help give your business a reputational boost.

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