Useful technology implementations that can improve truck driver retention

truck driver retentiontruck driver retention
truck driver retentiontruck driver retention


Useful technology implementations that can improve truck driver retention

To have a productive fleet, you need to ensure your truck drivers are satisfied and happy with their jobs. It’s often overlooked, but truck drivers put a lot of effort in, driving long distances alone and leaving their families behind. This can have a negative, emotional impact on them which can make drivers become resentful towards their job.

The last thing you want is for it to affect your business’s bottom line, and potentially lose the best drivers you had. So, it’s crucial that you find ways which you can help improve your retention.

So, read on to see what useful technology implementation can help you improve your truck driver retention.

But, before we get into technology implementations, you need to understand why truck drivers leave their jobs.

  • They’re unhappy with their salaries.
  • Being away from their families.
  • The work environment.
  • Lack of benefits.

And, although some of these issues need to be resolved in-house, the use of technology has been found helpful in other cases; helping companies keep their best employees.


Telemetry systems

Newer models help make jobs easier. And, one way to retain your drivers is by offering them trucks that have the latest technology like telemetry. You can find many heavy equipment companies that sell telemetry systems in South Africa. Those systems include location tracking, flagged maintenance intervals, fault detection and detailed reports on engine hours. Keeping your employees informed when they’re on the road will make their job easier. Not knowing what’s happening to your vehicle until a problem arises affects productivity and the driver who is stuck in the middle of nowhere. So, to prevent this, have systems put in place that informs them of any issues so that they can prepare.


Incorporate dynamic routing

Dynamic routing helps to give drivers useful information such as; weather and traffic updates. This helps your truck driver know what route to take to get there faster. This will at least make their journey worthwhile as they’ll know which routes to avoid, instead of having to sit in traffic for hours with nothing to do. This will also benefit your company as you’ll save on petrol and your products will be delivered faster, making your clients happy.


Install forward-looking camera systems

Unfortunately, collisions are what happens on the roads. And, even if your driver is being careful, they aren’t the only ones driving. Sadly, there are drivers who drive recklessly so having a camera system ensures your drivers are equipped for any collision. And with technology improvements, camera systems have real-time processing with higher photo definition whether you’re driving during the day or at night. This, in turn, makes it easy for your driver to see everything while they’re on the road with their Volvo truck.


Collision mitigation technology

Another safety measure is collision mitigation. Whether you have a Terex truck or a daf truck, collisions happen and another helpful tool is collision mitigation technology. This system is introducing features which will help monitor for any collision. There will never be enough tools to ensure enough safety on the roads but every bit helps.


Have work and a personal phone

When you work long hours away from home, you want to establish boundaries between the two parts of your life. To do this, it’s advisable to have two phones; work and a personal phone. Your company will need to allocate a budget for the data of these phones. On their work phones, they can use applications like hands-free voice assistants that will help them safely communicate with their co-workers and managers. This is to help them feel connected and as part of a team even when on the road.

However, on their off days, they can switch off and enjoy being with their family without constant communication from work. Because at the end of the day, it won’t give them the break they need. Having messages about work coming through on your off day can increase stress and a sense of dread. So, allow your truck drivers some time off without any work distractions can ensure your employees feel like they have a personal and work-life balance.


Final thoughts

Keeping employees happy and feeling appreciated is key to ensuring they stay in the company. Although with truck drivers, there is not much that can be done as they’ll still travel far for drop-offs, but with the assistance of technology, you can make sure your truck drivers travel safely and comfortably. Installing systems that ensure their safety on the roads will show then that you do, in fact, care for their wellbeing and they’re not merely just transporting goods for your business. It’s always important to remember that employees don’t leave a company, they leave the situation and the environment. If your environment promotes respect, thoughtfulness, consideration and care for each other’s well being, you will see that more employees are willing to grow within your business than looking elsewhere.


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