Business ideas that can help fight climate change in South Africa

climate change - South Africaclimate change - South Africa
climate change - South Africaclimate change - South Africa


Business ideas that can help fight climate change in South Africa

As the years pass by, we've been able to see the negative effects caused by humans on the environment which result in global warming. Among other things, climate change in South Africa has caused many areas to have a lack of water rendering the land, water wastage or areas being flooded.

This not only affects residents who are struggling to gain access to their basic need; water. But, livestock and crops struggle to survive on either end of these harsh circumstances.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. As emissions of greenhouse gases continue to rise and change the climate, this won’t only be an issue for citizens, but the impact of global warming on business will also be big. To name a few, global warming will create uncertainty, energy prices will increase, and supply chains will endure many more disruptions. Now, it’s up to businesses to work alongside citizens and the government to find ways to deal with climate change. This is why we have written an article to help businesses get an idea of what they can do to change the situation.

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Opt for environmentally friendly infrastructure

As mentioned previously, with a wide range of technology in today’s times, it is easier for businesses to invest in climate-resilient infrastructure projects and have a green infrastructure. Apart from saving the environment, environmentally friendly infrastructure can also bring benefits such as improving your business's brand. When you have the eco-friendly infrastructure, your business helps to reduce flood risks. Water has been a big challenge for the world; demands have increased while the supply continues to decrease. The water quality is no longer the same, and climate change does not lessen the burden. However, proper infrastructure can help this issue.

Not only will it help to control water contamination, floods and droughts, but it will also decrease water runoff while growing food, and it can also assist hydropower power plants in running properly. To go the extra mile, your business can also opt for greener equipment. For example, when changing office equipment that cannot be fixed, find energy-efficient equipment such as; printers, air conditioners, laptops and bulbs.

Inspect your business’s greenhouse gas emissions

To help fight climate change, you need to inspect your organisation’s greenhouse gas emissions. You can hire a carbon footprint certified specialist to take a look at your company’s carbon footprint and how or where you can reduce emissions. This is a simple yet effective way to reduce and fight climate change in South Africa.

Support policies that fight against climate change

There comes a time when the government and the private sector need to work together. Well, the time is now. Take time to find out what sort of policies or development support the government has put in place to fight the negative effects of climate change, as well as curb them. Alongside the government, consumers can work towards a low carbon footprint. Some may say that these changes will be too expensive but be open-minded as it might bring you new business opportunities for the future.

Educate your employees

Employees wait until their boss takes the lead, especially for big issues. So, start encouraging your employees and create awareness around the issue. Openly discuss what you wish to achieve for your business; what you want from them and if they have any input to add.

As a business owner with skilled employees, you never know what business ideas one of them will have that can help shape a better South Africa. This can mean finding ways to reduce your business’s energy consumption, opting for eco-friendly ways to sustain (or grow) your bottom line, and new business opportunities that fight climate issues.

Work with suppliers who share the same values

Make a choice to work with suppliers who want the same thing; to help fight climate change and protect the environment. So make an effort to partner with suppliers who are also practising eco-friendly business practices. You can start by looking at local vendors so that your company can support the local economy but also cut back on transportation as it is one of the largest greenhouse gas emissions sector.

Final thoughts

Moving into a direction that tackles climate change can mean many things for your organisation. It can help ensure you go above and beyond to follow the environmental laws of South Africa, preventing your business from being fined, or worse. It can also help you to save money in the long run, improve the environment we live in, and ensure all the needed resources are sufficient. Lastly, it can open up your business to new opportunities. So, take a few of these ideas and help fight climate change in South Africa.

climate change - South Africa